Today, August 21, 2022, is the beginning of a new adventure online. Today is the first day that is online and open for business.

The website is a place for me to post personal opinion and commentary about all of the stuff I read about when I doom scroll on my cell phone for what seems like all day. I think it’s a bad habit that many of us have gotten used to.

I don’t particularly like doom scrolling. But, there is so much going on in the world today that many of us get sucked into trying to keep up whenever we have a few spare seconds, minutes, or hours in our day.

As this adventure begins I am prepared for the good and the bad that may come my way. However, everything on this site will be my opinions and commentary and only mine.

I have full respect for other peoples opinions and their right to have them. While I may question yours from time to time I fully expect you will question mine. I will not insult or depredate anyone, any place, or anything on this site. If you are going to comment or disagree I expect the same.

There is no particular schedule or topic I will be opining about. When I need to say something I will.

So, the adventure begins